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The Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA)
Downloadable Toolkit

The Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA) is a culturally sensitive dementia screening based on the Kimberly Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) from Australia. The KICA was created to offer a valid and appropriate tool to determine whether Indigenous peoples in Australia were suffering from a cognitive impairment. 


Despite increasing dementia rates, few culturally informed cognitive assessment tools exist for Indigenous populations. The Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA) was adapted with First Nations on Manitoulin Island, Canada, and provides a brief, multi-domain cognitive assessment in English and Anishinaabemowin.


The toolkit includes the following:

  1. CICA Guidebook (a culturally safe guide to using the CICA)

  2. CICA Instruction Manual

  3. CICA Screening Tool – English [PDF fillable]

  4. CICA Screening Tool – Anishinaabe with English translation [PDF fillable]

  5. CICA Drawings

Four CICA Training Videos are also available:

  1. English only

  2. Anishinaabemwin only

  3. English to Anishinaabemwin (using a translator)

  4. American Sign Language

We encourage everyone who plans to administer the CICA to review the training materials, which can be found here:

The CICA was adapted from the Kimberly Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA). The adaptation process in Ontario was guided by Project Elder, Jerry Otowadjiwan, a Community Advisory Council, an Expert Anishinaabemwin Language Group, an expert panel of health care providers, and the authors of the KICA. The validation was completed with assistance from Dr. Christopher Patterson, Dr. Cheryl Allaby, and Rosanna Petrangeli. The work is supported by the local First Nations Health Authorities and Chief and Council.  Our community partners include: Wikwemikong Unceded Territory; Noojmowin Teg Health Access Center; Mnaamodzawin Health Services (on behalf of Aundeck Omni Kaning, Sheguiandah, Sheshegwaning, Whitefish River, Zhiibaahaasing); and M’Chigeeng First Nation. 


We would like to thank all of the individuals who assisted in this work:​


Dr. Kristen Jacklin

Dr. Jennifer D. Walker

Karen Pitawanakwat

Dr. Melissa Blind

Dr. Wayne Warry

Dr. Megan E. O’Connell

Dr. Kate Smith

Dr. Dina LoGiudice​​

Dr. Leon Flicker

Dr. David Hogan

Dr. Melissa K. Andrew

Dr. Christopher Patterson


Expert Anishinaabemwin Language Group:

Late Thecla Pheasant

Late Isaac


Malcolm Simon

Rosella Kinoshameg

Edward Osawamick

Joe and Roselinda


Evelyn Roy

Marion McGregor

Bill Antoine

Jean McGregor-Andrews

Dr. Cheryl Allaby

Rosanna Petrangeli

Project Elder Jerry


Meghan Valvasori

Louise Jones

Sharlene Webkamigad

Dr. Morgan Slater

Laura Warren

Yantao Zhao

Dr. Andrine Lemieux



Advisory Council Members:

Isaac Trudeau

Rose Shawanda

Monica Pheasant

Jules Osawamick

Yvette Corbiere

Roseanne Debassige

Bonita Bebamash

Bill Antoine

Jean McGregor-Andrews

Anna Grigull

Download the CICA and Guidebooks here:

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