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Culturally Safe Care

The Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging Team 20:

Access to culturally safe and relevant dementia care for Indigenous people in Canada

We will use qualitative research methods to examine pathways of dementia care for Indigenous people and identify effective cultural approaches to care.  We hope that this will support appropriate dementia care for Primary Health Care, as well as Home and Community Care settings in two regions:


  1. The File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council communities in Saskatchewan

  2. The First Nations communities of Manitoulin Island, Ontario 


Two key areas of knowledge will be explored:


  1. The lived experiences of Indigenous people in seeking dementia care and;

  2. Aspects of Indigenous culture, knowledge, spirituality, and ceremony that are related to improving quality of life in these regions.


In Ontario, our research will use the findings from previous research concerning Perceptions of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Among Aboriginal Peoples in Ontario to explore the first area of knowledge (lived experiences).  We will explore the second area (aspects of Indigenous culture, knowledge, spirituality, and ceremony) using the following methods:


  1. Ethnographic assessments (which includes participating in community events and informal conversations);

  2. Sequential focus groups with groups of seniors and groups of caregivers (a series of talking circles with the same group of participants), and;

  3. Key informant interviews with Traditional Knowledge Keepers and health care professionals.


Results will be approved by our community advisory group. We will also work with the advisory group to explore the best way to bring this knowledge back to the communities. In addition to this and any scholarly publications (open access wherever possible) we produce, we will present findings to local health committees and Chief and Council (where applicable), submit annual reports, and issue regular community newsletters. This project will be completed by May, 2019.

Who's doing this work?

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