Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA) Introductory and Training Videos with Supplemental Materials

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA).


This page includes five videos introducing the CICA, and is followed by two supplemental booklets and a series of four training videos about using the CICA tool in practice.

The first five introductory videos include: CICA Opening, CICA Part 1a & 1b, CICA Part 2, and CICA Part 3. For additional details on the introductory videos, please see below.

Following the introductory videos you will find two supplemental booklets and a series of four training videos:

Booklets: The CICA Guidebook and The CICA Instruction Booklet. The Booklets are intended to complement the training videos. 

Videos: The CICA: English only; The CICA: Anishinaabemwin only; The CICA: English to Anishinaabemwin using a translator; and The CICA: American Sign Language.  

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the CICA, please follow each video step-by-step as it appears on this page.  

To access the The CICA tool (English), The CICA tool (Anishanaabe with English translation) and The CICA drawings, click on the "CICA" tab in our menu bar up above.

Canadian Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (CICA) Introductory Videos

CICA Opening
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CICA Opening

Presented by Rosella Kinoshameg

CICA Part 1a
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CICA Part 1a: 

Development of the CICA Tool with First Nations Communities on Manitoulin Island

Presented by Dr. Kristen Jacklin

CICA Part 2
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CICA Part 2

Cognition and Dementia

 Presented by Dr. Christopher Patterson